#32 – SXSW Panel: Mind Your Manners article for KUT.org

A panel entitled “How Not To Be a Douchebag at SXSW” kicked off the SXSW Interactive conference this afternoon, featuring four SXSW veterans and and noted members in the tech industry.

The four speakers gave pointers to newcomers of the conference on how to behave properly without making a joke of themselves.

“Don’t be a pitch,” said Amber Osborne, Vice President of Head of Lettuce Media, who commented that nothing was worse than being hit with a drive by shooting of business cards.

Another faux pas to avoid is “badge surfing,” said Ed Hunsinger of Free For All Media. Hunsinger said many SXSW participants have a bad habit of judging if they want to talk to someone based on the company written on a badge instead of focusing on the person in front of them.

Other advice given included etiquette on how to leave a panel quietly, keeping pitches short, and being humble and open towards others.

The four panelists included: Amber Osborne, Ed Hunsinger, John Adams and Scott Beale.


Coverage of SXSW I did for KUT.org while I was an intern there. This was a write-up for SXSW newbies on manners and etiquette.

Original article here.