#107 – Announcing The Girl Who Created graphic


Today I am excited, nervous and filled with JOY to share with you this personal project I’ve been dreaming of for the past year, and am finally releasing into the world.

In the past year, it has never been clearer to me that my purpose in life is to create. I’ve been doing it my entire life — little bits and pieces as part of a learning process, and sometimes, things much, much bigger. Through this journey, I wanted to document and share everything I’ve ever created, with the goal of hitting 1 million by the end of my life.

I promised myself I’d share this project when I uploaded 100 things, so here it is! Most of it is awfully embarrassing stuff from the past decade (and beyond!) that I’ve tried to backlog, so I hope you have a laugh or two.

Thanks Katherine Fan for the photo!

Created in Photoshop.